Wednesday, 8 May 2013

#BEDM Day 8 - My First Job!

My first job was back when i was 15 and still at school. I was fed up of having hardly any money and also having to ask my mom and dad as i have always tried to be as independant as i can!

Me when i was 15!!

My first job was as a Waitress at my local pub, i didn't even have to have an interview back then! I met with the manager, she told me what i'd be doing and asked me when i could start!
I thought i'd enjoy being independant and working..
My first day was brilliant and i absolutely loved it and was really happy (obviously i wouldn't get paid until the next week) and when my 2nd shift finished i was over the moon with my £18 pay-packet!

But as the weeks progressed, the manager made it quite clear that she wasn't going to allow me to work on any other day but Sunday - the busiest day of the week with the most awkward and disrespectful customers ever!
One shift a man walked into the already over-crowded pub and straight up to me and shouted; 'I haven't booked but fail to see why i don't have a table! Do you know who i am?!' I just looked at him and said: 'well to be honest, you probably should have booked!'
My boss wasn't very happy and i had a complaint filed against me.. but he was so rude! The same day there was a posh woman stating that the small wine glasses were too small and the large ones were too big! In the end she had 4 small ones so she should've just ordered the large to start with instead of complaining for half an hour..

I booked my 16th birthday off and my boss rang me on the day demanding that i come in and i politely told her 'no'.. i was ill a few weeks later so ahd to ring in and cancel me shift.. She phoned me back on that night and told me 'she'd have to let me go' but basically i got fired. My dad ended up having to go up to get my wages because she was refusing to pay me for my last shift!
Safe to say that my family haven't eaten there since!

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