Friday, 3 May 2013

10 Questions..

I attended an amazing Grazia Beauty event last night at the Harvey Nichols store in Birmingham! I met some amazing people including; a beauty expert from Grazia magazine & Fifi Lapin! They gave out some amazing beauty tips and did an amazing make-over on me - more of that in another post!
I came away with an exclusive Fifi Lapin tote bag and a copy of the latest Grazia magazine.

Whilst reading Grazia magazine when i got home last night, i came across a really interesting feature that i thought might be fun to share!
It's called: 10 Questions

Apparently, Psychologists tell us that the following 10 questions are the ones you need to ask to truly get to know someone - interviewers take note!
So.. here are my answers! Please make a post of your own answers and leave the link in the comments below - it'll be brilliant reading them!

Who have you been closest to in your life?
I'd have to say my brother most probably. My parents both had busy jobs when i was younger and my sister moved out when i was 6 so i always remember spending time with my brother; playing football, wrestling moves, ice skating, rollerblading and bike riding - he taught me pretty much everything like that! Now we're older we're definitely not as close as he's 9 years older than me but i feel we'll always have that connection and his words work like magic when i'm upset!

What is your earliest memory?
My 2nd time abroad in Tunisia when i was 3. I'm lucky to have such a vivid imagination of the past really. I caught chicken pox whilst i was there so spent much of the 2 weeks stranded in my hotel room, playing hide-and-seek and having food bought to me from the kitchens! Thinking about it i probably had enough time to memorise that room forever!

What is your biggest fear?
Honestly? I'd have to say losing the people that i love. It's really scary to think that they won't all be there one day so i try to make every day count and speak to my mom&dad, gran and text my friends everyday. This stems from me losing one of my best friends a few years ago and i miss her more than anything - my blog is named after her as her nickname was Cupcake.x

Relaxation is..
A can of Guinness, the warm sunshine and a good book!

What are you best at?
Being there for people. I'm always there whatever time, whatever place for both my family and my friends - i'd do almost anything for them. I have spent hours on the phone through the night and skipped work to go and comfort a friend countless times before now! My boyfriend thinks i can be too leniant at times but i'm a sucker for love and friendship!

What do you value in a partner?
Honesty. I couldn't be in a relationship with someone who isn't utterley and completely honest with me. From the way my hair looks to what he wants when we find a new house. I can be quite fragile at times and i absolutely hate liers so this is essential for me to feel comfortable.

Tell us something that will shock us:
I suffered from an eating disorder when i was younger, around 13 years old. I started hanging out with a group of 'popular' kids who seemed really cool and they were all stick thin and losing weight - i was normal sized then. I started lying about eating meals and was living on a plate of chips and a cup of mixed sugar&water that i reckon now kept up my energy. It wasn't until someone dared me to try on a pair of size-zero jeans that it shocked me into realising how skinny i'd got! I am proud to say though that i got through it with the help of my close friends and pure-determination and am happy to say that i'm now a happy, healthy 20 year old.

Describe the last time you remember feeling really happy:
This is a difficult one! Last night when i went to the Grazia beauty event. I was looking around and telling people about my blogging and for the first time in amidst all the expensive clothes & make-up i felt at home and accepted. No-one judged me for my brightly coloured hair of stared at me, they wer efine with me being an individual and were actually quite interested in who i was as a unique individual!

What's your greatest regret?
Letting people get me down and put me off doing what i wanted when i was younger. I was on a make-up/beauty course at college when people started telling me that it wasn't what i should be doing - being young and naive' i listened to them and thought the same but i could've had so much more of an advantage within the workplace if i'd stuck to my own instincts!

What's the one thing you'd change about yourself or your life?
I'd lvoe to work somewhere in the beauty/fashion industry. I have so much flair and passion in being unique but that's hard to portray in a cv over a piece of paper instead of being able to just walk in and say; This is me. You Need me to do this job!

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