Wednesday, 22 May 2013

#BEDM My 13-Year old Self

If i met myself today as a 13-year old i don't think that i'd recognise me at all..
And that is something that i'm very proud of.
I have learnt so much in only 8 years and i wish i had known all of it back then!

So these are the things that i would tell my 13-year old self:
  • Being Popular is NOT important, infact it's not even that fun. When you're popular, everyone wants to know everything about you and it's horrible pressure - it sucks! 
  • Don't try and lose weight to make yourself feel better about yourself. It doesn't work and it ends in tears and disaster - you start pushing away your friends and you ruin your relationship with yummy foods for years! Love your curves!
  • Embrace your quirky fashion loves and don't be scared to embrace them! Don't hide behind 'normal' clothes and leave the expensive neon pink tiger-stripe jeans your dad bought you in a draw - show them to the world and love the fact you're a bit different!
  • Don't waste your time and tears on stupid boys who think they're all that. They don't actually care about you that much and don't see you in their future. Spend more time and enjoy more memories with your friends!
  • Stand up for yourself more. The bullies are actually jealous of you and this will be proven in years to come. Your life will turn out to be much better than you think!
  • The friends that were 'cool' and you though were there for you? They're not. Hey will blame you for their downfalls and are actually some of the worst people you've ever met. Stick to your 'normal, weird' friends - they are awesome and will stick with you through thick and thin.
  • Finally, don't give up on your dreams! If you want to study something that both friends and family don't agree with - don't listen to them and follow your heart! You'll seriously regret it if you don't - trust me
I actually can't believe how far that i have come since i was 13 and can't wait to see where my life goes from here! x

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  1. Weird friends are definitely the bestest friends :-) Amy x