Sunday, 5 May 2013

Conforming to Normality! WHY?

'Growing Up' tends to be a very abstract subject and it seems that people are always talking about it in one way or another.
I've always loved being unique and never wanted to look 'the same' as anyone else. I have always loved the art of tattoos, neon colours, bright hair and anything else that makes me look a little different.
I didn't used to care what people thought of me and to a certain extent, still don't but i have noticed that at the times when i have had my hair a 'normal' colour especially, that people have tended to treat me with more respect.

I hate this! I really do as it shows how much society still doesn't accept choices that seem 'different' to what is expected in normality. When i dyed my hair bright pink when i was 16 i was at college so no-one really batted an eye-lid there but when i was out shopping i noticed i got 'eyed with caution' as if i was going to steal something! And i realise that people will stare as it was brilliantly bright but people commented, whispered and pointed and i thought it was really rude! I'd Never find myself doing that to someone else or discriminating against someone for wanting to be themselves.

Unfortunately, especially within the working industry 'different' is not accepted a lot of the time as it does not fit in with professional standards. Which is sadly why i've had to say Goodbye to my beloved multi-coloured hair in order to be taken seriously within the working world.
I have an NVQ Level 2 in Business Administration and have worked in a Solicitors offices, a top insurance company and also for British gas but when being hired for all these jobs, i was always asked if i was planning to dye my hair if i got the job! I found myself having to as needs-must when it comes to making a living and having money to buy pretty things!

When deciding on a 'normal' colour to dye my hair i decided on black - (not just because it was the easiest to use!) but also because i believe it is more versatile and i've been wanting to try out the cherry red-lipstick trend for ages but never thought it would look right!

Within different industries it is amazing how people's opinions differ! I found myself at a Harvey Nichols & Grazia event last week and i got so many compliments on my hair and so many people asking what i'd used to dye it! Strange how even in the beauty industry it doesn't matter but when sitting in an office behind the scenes that it seems to matter so much! Especially within the blogging world where it is a great talking point and also helps me to stick in people's memories!

But i have decided after all this that i don't care, i may have to in some ways 'conform' to normality but you'll bet as soon as i'm out the office i'll be playing my Retro Nintendo NES console, with my skater jeans on and neon make-up on my face! And when i'm inevitably rich&famous with my Lotus Elise and rock music blasting to the skies.. i'll show them that i'll always be me! .x


  1. Great post! I absolutely hate the fact that people can't be different and unique without being questioned or having people say hurtful things.

    I strongly believe that as long as you're happy and you're not hurting anyone, you can dress however the hell you want. People should just learn to except that, it irritates me that people are so narrow-minded as to think this makes you a bad person xx

  2. Thankyou so much for the positive comment! I do feel really strongly about this and i hope you can tell this from the post :) It's great to be hearing your point of view! x