Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Wanderlust Tag

I was tagged by Tink Jayne to do this.. and i'm very excited to! I love reading all about her travels and lifestyle on her blog and i'd definitely recommend you go take a look for yourself!
I was so touched to see that she'd tagged me to do this so a Big Thankyou!! Check out her Wanderlust Tag here.
I have recently been thinking about fulfilling my dreams of travelling so this tag definitely got my mind whirring and me more excited about the future of my travel too! There's so many places that i'd love to go and see and this has definitely given me even more inspiration and a lot more Lust for it!

1. Your most treasured passport stamp?
This has to be Kenya. Until then I had visited Tunisia, Turkey, Greece, Dom-Rep and Spain and I loved them all but Kenya was just so breathtaking and my first real insight into the 'wonders of the world' if you like. The Safari we went on was just magical; staying in cabins, seeing animals in their natural habitat and the locals doing traditional dance. Although we stayed at a 5* hotel it was definitely a breakthrough point for me when I realised I just needed to see what else is out there and my travelling dreams really spiraled from there!

2. Can you recite your passport # from memory if asked?
That would be a no.. But i'm hoping when I do begin to plan my travels that I will be forced to look at my passport a lot more!

3. Preferred method of travel: Planes,Trains or Automobiles?
This is a bit of a toughie.. I love watching the views out the windows of planes but it is difficult for me to fully relax. But one of my dreams is to do a road trip down Route 66 so automobiles would probably be the preferred option for most places as they are the most convenient and you can be free to explore as you wish!

4. Top 3 travel items?
A camera, diary/notebook and a backpack!

5. Hostel of Hotel?
As I have never actually stayed in a hostel at this point I would have to say hotel but I am all for change and would be happy to explore different hostels as a cheaper alternative and it's also (so i've heard) a great way to meet fellow travellers and create new adventures! But then again when it comes to romantic breaks or a relaxing holiday, I would have to opt for a bit of luxury every time!

6. Are you a repeat visitor or do you explore new places?
I love having the sense that you know a place that you are happy to go back to again and again, where they have your trust and confidence and you can fully relax. But I really do want to explore the world as much as possible, so i've got a feeling in future there may be a lot more of visiting new places to look forward to!

7. Do you read up on your destination (culture, history, safety) or do you wing it?
With package holidays I do tend to research local trips and activities we might like to try but nothing too extensive, as I love the feeling of discovery and thrill of experiencing something unexpected and not as part of a plan. However I have a feeling on our first 'adventure' trip I may research a little more extensively as although I am excited I am also a little apprehensive but i'm sure i'll love it and the amount of research can drop as I will be too busy having fun

8. Favourite travel website?
I have recently been introduced to and it is a fab place for gathering inspirtaion or just for reading up on some history! It really makes you realise that the best places and things to see are usually off the beaten track. I also always use TripAdvisor for reviews of everything (hotels, trips, feedback) in this country or abroad! It is full of feedback from real people and you can also add your own opinions too

9. Where would you recommend a friend to visit? Name the city and why.
Mombassa in Kenya. There is so much contrast in the city and you see people from all walks of life. There are locals selling handmade wares on the streets, small cafes to taste the country's delicacies, Monkeys in the trees above you and the hustle and bustle of the everyday workers. It is a fun and lively place, there are some shocking realities of some of the less-fortunate population living in open shacks on the sides of main roads and selling fruit but it definitely makes you realise your place and how lucky we are. It is an amazing adventurous place and if you visit Kenya I would definitely recommend checking it out!

10. You're leaving tomorrow, money is no option, where are you going?
USA. Route 66, Vegas, Chicago.. the whole sha-bang! Road trip, watching WWE wrestling live and shopping far too much in New York!

I think everyone should answer these questions! It is such a fun tag and it really does get you thinking and get your adventurous head on!


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