Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes film review

I haven't actually seen any of the other Planet Of The Apes films but after seeing this one I can't wait to buy the boxset and get stuck into them all!
A usual cinema night for me, the mister and 'The Lads' (Shaun, Ben & Woody) on a Monday at Showcase Cinema, tucking into a yummy McDonald's before-hand and then heading to the local cinema for a film-fix.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes is a film i have been looking forward to since the announce of it's release and i'm so happy to say that i definitely wan't disappointed. It's a fabulously heart-warming story with action and drama thrown-in. It is really one of those films that makes you think about the future and although it is just a story, it is sort of scary that it may actually be achievable in some form one day.. Another reason for companies to stop using Animal Testing on products perhaps??


The storyline consists firstly of news reports from around the world, stating that a large number of Apes have broken free from a testing facility and a medical epidemic has broken out. A virus that was implanted into the Apes in the facility has been caught by a human and is spreading like wild-fire. A large amount of humans have lost their lifes to the virus and the remaining ones have gone into hiding, the Apes are last seen heading towards a forest following the destruction in the city.
The story follows on years later, centered around the humans that have survived in a secure area that is running out of power, they must venture into the forest to try and fix a large dam which will allow them to continue receiving electricity in the future. They stumble across the Apes and one of the humans shoots and wounds an Ape, this makes this Apes father rid all of his remaining trust in humans.
The rest of the film centres around the trust of these humans from the colony and the 'Leader' who still has faith that they could live in harmony without hurt but the Ape 'Kobu' does not trust them due to the way he was treated in the past. A full-scale war hangs in the balance of this trust and the drama that follows is simply magnificent, as is the acting and graphic/shooting quality.
I don't want to give the entire story away but I will say that it is well worth a watch even if you haven't seen any of the others! It has made me a firm fan of the franchise!
Get yourself down to your local cinema this summer!

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