Thursday, 31 July 2014

The 4 Year Anniverary!

So yesterday came the day that me and Adam have been together for 4 years.. (which ironically comes straight after his birthday)!
We didn't really have anything planned so had a giant lie-in til 1pm! I then made some coffee and we decided what we were going to do with the rest of our day. We are quite a relaxed couple when it comes to romance, don't get me wrong - I love dressing up and heading to a fancy restaurant, boxes of chocolates and anniversary cards as much as the next girl but we just felt that today should be relaxed, with us just being Us.

We spent a couple of hours just snuggles on the sofa in our PJs watching classic comedies on GOLD and talking, then the hunger began.. so we headed to the best local place we could think of - Pizza Hut.
I changed into my gorgeous floral tea dress from River Island (i nabbed it on the first day of the sale for only £10!)  and gave it it's first proper outing! Along with my comfy New Look slip-ons and my cute polka panda bag and off we went.

Dress - River Island // Flats - New Look // Rings - River Island
Bracelet - Vintage // Bag - Boots

Now we both love pizza, Pepperoni for him / Chicken & Sweetcorn for me along with the cheesy bites crust, but something about Pizza Hut today was just unfortunately disappointing but atleast we were in a good mood so it didn't spoil the day - it's only food right? The service we received considering it wasn't even busy was pretty appalling. It took ages for someone to come ask us for our order, when asking where to get the refill drinks the waitress gave us a very sarcastic answer and when the plates were brought over, Adams still had traces of the last persons dinner on! Luckily they cut the service charge off the bill so we didn't have to pay it but still.. for almost £60 you'd think you were going to get better service and manners!

After that little experience, we packaged up the rest of our pizzas (which are mega filling!) and headed to Tesco Extra to pick up a dvd for the night - we chose The Internship as we never had a chance to see it at the cinema and we headed home.
We got home, back into our PJs and snuggled down to watch the dvd we'd brought and also another awesome (and now comedy classic in my book) The Animal and to have a relaxing night with the dog - the Perfect end to an (almost perfect) day.
Here's to another year.. and To The Next Step! (American Pie #love!)


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