Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Don't You Forget About Me / Photo Diary 1

Romwe Leggings - Atticus Vest - Asda George Hat

The dragonfly we found at the local Nature reserve
SO MUCH HARIBO! <3 Cybercandy, Birmingham
Saturday Morning Breakfast/Brunch - In love with this Ice Tea!
Train Journeys!
McWedges and Twix McFlurry - Pip had an 'adult' Happy Meal in a box..
Stiggy sulking.. He's happier now :)

Just a little of what i've been up to the past week; Walking in the countryside, Visiting Birmingham with old school friends and being stuck in with a sulky dog named Stig..
Got to love July!


  1. Brilliant photo of the Dragonfly, it's suprising just what you can spot on a lovely nature walk

  2. Poor Stig he looks really fed up, he really knows how to get to your emotions!