Sunday, 31 March 2013

Baking Day! Recipes

Yesterday i decided to have a baking day whilst Sonic and his friend went out to play snooker.. i tried 3 new recipes that i have never used before and i can honestly say they turned out brilliantly and i had loads of fun too!

The men obviously loved returning to the house to find baked goods for them to chomp on too!

Mocha Coconut Balls
These are a great adult party treat but if you're not fond of very strong coffee, i'd recommend only adding 1 teaspoon of coffee!

125g Butter, softened
1 cup Icing Suagr
3/4 cup Coconut
3/4 cup Rolled Oats
1-2 teaspoons Instant Coffee
185g Cooking chocolate (white or plain)

1. Cream together butter and icing sugar ustil creamed in a mixing bowl
2. Add coconut, rolled oats and coffee, and mix well until all combined
3. Using your hands, roll the mixture into small balls and stand on a plate
4. Refrigerate them for atleast 2 hours
5. Using a small saucepan on a medium heat, add a small amount of boiling water and rest a bowl on top
6. Place the chocolate into the bowl, using a metal spoon, stir until chocolate is melted
7. Remove the balls from the fridge and roll each of them into the chocolate until coated
8. Set the balls back onto the plate and refrigerate for around 15 minutes until set


Honeycomb Toffee
This is a fun recipe for all the family and takes almost no time at all!

2 tablespoons Golden Syrup
1 teaspoon Bicarbonate Soda
2 tablespoons White Sugar
1 tablespoon Butter

1. Grease a small/medium dish with butter
2. Into a medium saucepan, place sugar, butter and golden syrup over a medium heat
3. Allow to boil and stir gently for around 5 minutes until mixture is a golden-brown colour
4. Take off the heat and immediately stir in the bicarbonate soda very quickly
5. Tip into the buttered dish to set - this takes around 30 mins


Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups
Makes 12
These are just something a little different that are for all the family! To make them extra chocolatey, add a teaspoons of Nutella in the centre of each one as soon as they come out the oven!

100g (3.5oz) Butter
150g (5oz) Caster Sugar
1 medium Egg
1/2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract - optional
150g (5oz) Self-Raising Flour
75g Milk (or flavoured) Chocolate Chips

1. Preheat the oven to 180c/350F (Gas 4)
2. Line a 12-hole bun tray with cake cases
3. In a mixing bowl, beat butter and caster sugar until creamed
4. Add the egg and vanilla extract and beat until completely combined
5. Sieve in the flour until the mix forms a soft dough (add a little extra if mixture isn't quite a dough) then mix in the chocolaate chips until well combined
6. Using a tablespoon, spoon the mixture into the cake cases (usuing 2 spoons to each case)
7. Flatten them slightly so they are not peaked then bake for 15 minutes until risen and slightly golden
8. After removing from the oven, use the back of a spoon to press the centre of each one down, therefore creating a 'cup' shape
9. Add Nutella now if you wish as they will be hot enough to melt in the centre
10. Transfer to a cooling rack and allow to cool completely
11. ENJOY!

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