Thursday, 21 March 2013

Setting up a new tv..

Last week i spent almost 2 entire days trawling around Currys and PC World stores in search of the 'Perfect' tv..

My boyfriend has a little 'OCD' when it comes to buying electricals and since we wanted a tv of good quality, durability and that will be with us *fingers crossed* when we move out within the next 12 months.

Atlast we eventually found a Panasonic model: TXP42ST50B which is a Plasma 3D tv.
It was in the sale too and with the Currys website going down last weekend we were able to get an extra 5% off!

To be safe, we decided to purchase an Insurance policy called 'Anything Happens' which for the cost of £7.50 a month, we are covered for literally almost Anything that goes wrong.

After getting up on my alarm at 7am this morning due to delivery times (anytime between 7am-7pm!) i sat and waited for the arrival.. it was delivered at 3:30pm...

Now begins the task of putting it together... Along with my boyfriend... Hmm...

The box, was MASSIVE.. ridiculously big!

Next came the unwrapping...

That was the easy bit..
Now when it came to assembling the stand, using mini screws and the men's dreaded INSTRUCTION MANUAL..

Luckily, we did it Together and it worked out fine.. although i did accidently try to put the wrong screws in and wondered why they didn't fit!

But thankfully, down to some determination and well-practised patience it eventually all got set up.

The tv is bigger than we anticipated for the bedroom, but will look brilliant when we do move out.. it's like having a sort-of cinema screen!

Thankfully, i'm now typing this review as my boyfriend happily settles into his gaming (that thankfully works perfectly - even FIFA 13 has no lag!)

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