Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Rowntree's Randoms Squidgy Speak review

When i saw these in my local store i just had to try these!

Having seen the television advert, i thought it was fun and very tempting!

The packaging is very eye-catching, bright orange and had a mouth with a sticky-out tongue!

I thought the design was fun and also has a very fun name.

My niece told me last week that she wanted to try them as they're words and she's learning words at school!

After tipping them out in my hand and inspecting them, i was actually really looking forward to eating them!
They actually did look fun!

They come in the colours; orange, pink, purple and white.

I think they may be a fun treat for helping children to learn words too!
My niece will absolutely love them although i was hoping to use them to help her to build funny sentences but i didn't get many 'joining words' in my pack unfortunately.

But other than that i would highly recommend them!

They have a light, fluffy texture and are soft, with a soft tropical-fruity taste - and very yummy!

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