Friday, 1 March 2013

Friends at work :)

Today was quite an emotional day for me, but a happy day nontheless..

I was really not expecting the 2 lots of presents and lovely card i received off my colleagues though!

  •  A big box of malteasers and a marshmallow Me-To-You lollipop from my lovely friend Steph :)

  • (below) A big bouquet of flowers from my department colleagues Ricki, Vanessa and Holly :)

It started with me tossing and turning since 4am this morning until i eventually got up at 6am.. i then couldn't find the top i had planned to wear and ended up being later than expected and me half-running to the bus stop!

Luckily, i managed to catch the bus hassle-free and today seemed to rush by!

The thing is.. today was my last day in the office for a while, and it was emotional having to say goodbye to everyone.
Over the time that i have worked in my office, i have met some of the nicest people i ocould ever hoped to have met. They are all very caring and genuinely lovely people that i really hope to stay in touch with.

I had a lovely lunchtime, being treated with a drink in the pub with my manager and another colleague from our little-tiny office! It was really relaxing and lovely to be able to just chill-out for a little while and just have a nice conversation with friendly company.

All in all, i honestly didn't want to go and i hope that i can meet up with them all and see them again in the not-so-distant future!

And at the end of today, all the hugs, best wishes and smiles that can only be found in a very supportive and friendly workplace.

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  1. Hello my dear,
    Glad you had a nice last day and I'm sorry I wasn't there to see you off.
    I'm sure we will see you again though :)
    Take care to you and your family, Holly x x x