Friday, 8 March 2013

Lovefilm.. The best way to rent games & movies?

Me and my family first joined Lovefilm around 3 years ago when a family friend recommended it.
We started off paying £10 a month, for which we could watch films 'on demand' and rent them by post 2 at a time.

The one brilliant thing about Lovefilm is that there are no late-fees and no time-restriction on how long you can keep the disc for! (well within reason, a year is maybe a bit too long?)

So when me and Sonic subscribed to it ourselves around 18 months ago, we didn't realise how good it really was! Not only can you rent dvds and blu-rays of films, there are tv series, box-sets and all sorts! This includes games for the: PS3, Xbox360, NIntendo WIi, NIntendo DS & 3DS too! It saves us a fortune on buying dvds as and when we want to watch them!

Our deal is that we pay £15 a month and we get 3 discs at home at any one time.
This is brilliant for the films we watch together, and also the games that are available!

Lovefilm allows you to pre-order games and be put on a waiting list for games that are soon-to-be released. This allows keen gamers (like my other half) to rent brand new games and to try them out to make sure he likes them enough to pay full price. If not, we simplydon't buy them! A simple and effective way to possibly save £50 on a game that could potentially be rubbish and not catered to our tastes!

It is also brilliant as they have a 'live streaming and Watch Now' service. This allows you to use either a pc/laptop or an Xbox360/PS3 device to watch movies or certain programmes right away. Surprisingly there is quite a wide array of genre's to choose from and with the TV series section, a large array of episodes and series too!

I would highly recommend Lovefilm, however sign up, however if you are planning to sign up, do it of your own accord and sign up online safely!
DO NOT sign up at one of those 'stalls/booths' that you see in the shopping centres as they can quite easily con you out of a lot of money.

I am not saying that this may happen all the time, although i do know someone who lost a couple of hundred pounds through this.

SO be safe, have fun and enjoy the free reign of Lovefilm!

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