Tuesday, 6 November 2012

New! JUST made for you - Made for the Toaster Crumpets!

I was very intrigued when i noticed these in the supermarket yesterday and just couldn't resist picking up a pack! When looking at them, i couldn't believe that such a simple concept hadn't been thought of earlier! I Always burn myself when trying to get normal crumpets out of the toaster so to me, i had nothing to lose!

When i got up early this morning, i couldn't wait to have these for breakfast!

I popped two into the toaster and it was Brilliant! For such a simple idea, it really does stop a lot of the usual problems! Especially for people like me, who don't have a grill as part of their oven.

The pack stated that i should just pop them in the toaster on a medium heat setting (Mine goes up to 6 so i put it on 3) and i left them in for around 3 minutes.. I was wondering how they were going to come out as usually theya re best cooked when under a grill..

I was Very suprised to be honest, they looked and fet crunchy and crisp and were just the right amount of toasted!

After i'd spread the btuter on, which sank through the crumpet nicely - this is an added bonus as usually it just stas on top and the rest of the curmpet is dry - and it smelt yummy and buttery!

A perfect (and simple) breakfast to start a busy day!

Definitely recommended!

You can buy these from Asda for £1.00 for a pack of 6 (They're on offer for that price at the minute so grab them quick!)

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