Monday, 5 November 2012

NEW! Foccacia from the ASDA Chosen by You range!

Hi and Welcome to my first ever blog post and review! I hope you find this useful and my many others that will follow! Enjoy!

I found this product whilst browsing in Asda for a few bits & pieces this afternoon. Even better it was in the 'Whoopsi!' section for 89p! so i felt i had to try it. Tonight we were having a mince & pasta meal and i thought it would be a perfect match for the meal.

The packaging had really simple cooking instructions and a clear layout which made the product more appealing and the flavour was clearly labelled as 'Semi Dried Tomato and Cheddar'.

I took the product out of it's outer packaging and got a baking tray ready. It looked very appetising and a great size for sharing! The product was around a 20x20cm square shape and around 3 inches in depth so there was plenty! The top was scattered in half cherry tomatoes and sprinkled with cheddar and herbs, it smelt yummy then so i couldn't wait to find out how yummy it would taste later!

I then followed the instructions set on the packet;
1. Remove the film
2. Place foil tin on a baking tray in the centre of a pre-heated oven at 180c/350F/Gas Mark 4 for 8-10 minutes
3. Check product is piping hot before serving
4. Do not re-heat

So simple enough..

This is how it turned out.
(I left the Foccacia bread in for around 12 minutes as it needed a little extra time to crisp)

The Foccacia went a nice and crisp on top with the cheese having a nice browned top. It looked really yummy and you could smell the cheese and ripe tomatoes right away! I couldn't wait to dig in!

All in all (and my boyfriend definitely agrees!) a really yummy tasting product. Perfect for sharing and nice for dipping in pasta sauce! It was really easy to tear & share and cooled down to a good warm consuming temperature within a few minutes so for once, i didn't burn myself!
It was soft in the middle but not doughy, and had a full flavour which i ahve founjd can be quite rare in these sort of bread-based products bought from the supermarket own range.

I would Definitely reccomend this for all the family! I think it's perfect for weekend meals and also for when you have friends round as a tear & share option. I will be picking some more up next week at the full price!

You can buy this product for most ASDA stores in the chilled section, for £1.40

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