Tuesday, 13 November 2012

New: AVEDA 'Pure Abundance' Style-Prep!

AVEDA 'Pure Abundance' Style-Prep spray
'infuses hair with all-day weightless volume'

The morning after using the other Aveda products, my hair was feeling gorgeously soft but it still didn't have much lift.. this is where this product was sure to come in.

The bottle has an interesting design and colour scheme in a subtle green colour and also it has the word 'AVEDA' embossed onto the neck of the bottle. I must say that this adds an extra hintof professionalism. The product instantly makes you feel relaxed and in-control too. It has quite a long plastic protector cap which comes off easily with a gentle tug. The spray button has quite a long base which enables you to spray larger amounts and in-turn use less.

The porduct has easy to follow instructions that are simple to understand. It fits into the palm of your hand and is very travel-friendly which is a massive bonus! As although this seems quite a smlal product, ic an assure you that it willl last a considerably long time. I found that when i first opened the product, you have to press the button quite a few times to get it started so take my advice and do this over a sink or something unimportant incase of a sudden dash of spray!

The instructions stated: SHAKE WELL. To reactivate styling on non-shampoo-days, spray liberally onto dry hair, comb and re-style.

I shook the product (which is when i felt how much of the product was actually in the bottle which suprised me greatly!)
I had my hairbrush at the ready and 'sprayed liberally' on all parts of my hair before replacing the cap. I was suprised that the spray did not seem to emmit any fumes or play up my breathing (i suffer with asthma and some sprays can aggravate this).
This instantly took my liking of this product upwards.

I then brushed my hair as normal, styling it gently with my hands as usual to build volume on top. I was suprised at the impact of the 'hold' of the product. It seemed to stay in the same position for a considerable amount of time.
(It takes me around 90 minutes to travel to work and it was still holding well when i arrived after going on 2 buses and walking)

I now see this product as an absolutely must and is a big part of my hair regime. It is highly recommended for anyone who suffers with asthma and also for those of you who struggle to keep volume in your hair!

I rate this: 5/5

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