Tuesday, 13 November 2012

New: AVEDA 'Invati' Exfoliating Shampoo!

New: AVEDA invati Exfoliating Shampoo

I was asked by the Debenhams Beauty Club V.I.P Panel for Aveda. (Which was a big honour in itself!)

Before using the product:

I personally, absolutely Loved this product! I was especially impressed that it was in a range exclusively for 'solutions for thinning hair' which is absolutely Perfect for me!
The product comes in a bottle with an interesting design, one with colours that wouldn't neccessarily usually be used but in this case, is very intriguing. It also had very simnple instructons that were easy to follow. It seems very inviting as a product from the look of it and comes in a very decently sized bottle that would last me around a month or so.

When i first opened the product up, i found the top very easy to open which impressed me as a lot of products have tops that tend to stick! It flicked open quick easily with a small amount of pressure from my thumb. The next thing i initally noticed was the smell of the product. It is quite strong.. the kind of smell which reminded me of walking into a shop that sells insence and candles! Although coming to think of it, it smells a Lot like ginger and other spices that i use for cooking! I loved the smell and thought it definitely bought something different to the product. The smell strikes you and is very interesting as well as inviting.

I squirted a small amount onto the palm of one of my hands, the shampoo came out in a sort of firm liquid form, in the sense that it did not just slide out of your hand! I was very inmpressed with this as it made handling the product easier. As soon as i started to massage the product into my hair i felt almost instantly soothed and relaxed. The shampoo is so soft and seems to fall into your hair with ease. When it came to rinsing it out, i had no trouble with any sticking or staying in my hair, it seemed to almost 'swim' out gentle and care-free.

The Next morning:

All in all i must say i was very impressed with this product and when used up i would definitely go and buy it again. The concept is perfect for my hair, it allows me to use the product with ease and i love the smell too!

I mark this: 5/5

Leaving for work:

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