Thursday, 8 November 2012

BzzAgent Clubcard Challenge facebook app

As a registered BzzAgent (
"Clubcard Challenge is a new Facebook app which adds exciting games & fun challenges while you shop with Tesco".

My latest campaign is Clubcard Challenge.

As a new Facebook app, i was quite ingrigued to find out the link between Tesco and what you could gain from it.

When i first logged in, the page seemed very inviting, with a bright colour scheme and a 'play-like' manner about it. I was keen to get stuck in!

So, What is Clubcard Challenge?
Clubcard challenge lets you earn badges and rewards for things you already do whilst shopping within a Tesco store. It's the very first version and they are hoping to amend it to make it better over time.

It has a list of questions that you might need answering such as; What is a Challenge? and How do i invite friends? This is quite useful but still not totally self-ecplanitory. It's best to just have a look around the app yourself.

From what i have seen so far whilst having a little play around on it, it seems to be and look fun and interesting, but saying that there isn't much you can do on it whilst you are on the app itself. You 'earn' badges and rewards for buying different categories of things in Tesco stores - you have to use your Clubcard though otherwise it doesn't register on the app.
The aim is to collect stars in different categories. The more products you buy or the amount of times you use your Clubcard on specific types of products, the more your percentage bar goes up (it goes up to 100%) and the more stars you earn. When you unlock all the stars, that is when you begin getting your rewards. (I am yet to find out what these rewards are, but i suspect it may be vouchers or extra Clubcard points). You can also earn more points for inviting facebook friends.

As it is still in the first stages of development, it does have a habit of getting stuck and the links not working so you have to keep refreshing the page. I am yet to unlock any 'Rewards' but when i do i will be sure to write another update!

Overall, i'm not sure you could quite call it a 'game'. It seems to have some advantages but it isn't really that playable or exciting at this stage. I'll just have to see what happens when i gain all the stars in a category!

Any comments on what you think would be brilliant!

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  1. I've found this to be pretty crap to be honest. They rarely update it and it diesn't capture half my purchases. I've given up on it already & so have many others I know. I would never recommend it to anyone and would be embarrassed to invite anyone.