Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Bunches yummy Chocolates!

To my delight when i arrived home from work yesterday i found a little box with my name on.. On opening it up i found a gorgeous little box of 'Bunches Chocolates'!

It a really pretty little box whihc is fuschia pink coloured with a white flowers desgin. I think it is very unique and certainly a treat to set eyes on!

Upon opening the box with the front flap, i saw it had a little professional touch of the cushioned cover to protect them - i was quite impressed with this little extra effort!

The chocolates are quite thick 'coins' with two seperate designs. ONe being a nuch of flowers and one stating 'Bunches Florapost. Founded 1989.'

They come stacked with 3 in each pile in a bucket-like container with two compartments so that the chocolates do not fall out.

I must admit i had my reservations on how nice the chocolate would taste, it not being branded as such but it really is quite yummy! The taste reminds me of easter eggs! The chocolate is quite thick too which made it nice to bite into!

All in all, i think they are a really nice touch to accompany a gift or card and add a little something special.

They are available to buy with orders from http://www.bunches.co.uk/ or at the minute, are available for free with any order!

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