Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Sparkly Nails Monochrome Swirl Water Decals!

I was lucky enough to be some gorgeous Water Nail Decals from the amazing SparklyNails.co.uk!
I haven't ever used water decals before but i'm trying to be more experimental with my nail art so i couldn't wait to give these a try!

They have really clear instructions on the back in 5 simple steps:

1. Paint nail and allow to dry
(i used Beautifully Disney in Looking For My Prince)

2. Trim around sticker, remove the clear film and plunge into water for approx 15 seconds
(i put mine into water for around 20-25 seconds as mine weren't ready to peel off)

3. Slide decal off the backing paper and place onto nail
(i chose to put the design on my thumb nail as it's a bigger surface area and it took me a couple of goes to get the hang of it but it's easy once you've done it once)

4. Dab nail/decal with paper towel and allow to dry
(i used normal tissue to dab dry and it worked fine - dab it gently)

5. Seal in with top coat
(i used Rimmel Finishing Touch 3D Plumping Top Coat)

This is the final result

Overall i found them super easy to use and they really do make a statement! They look really professional and i was amazed at how easy they were to apply. I would definitely receommend them! I have been out shopping all day and now - 7 hours later the decal is still on my nail and still looks as perfect as when i put it on. No scratches or chips at all - i'm mega impressed!

The Monochrome Swirl Water Decals can be found here and are priced at only £1.55!
Each pack includes 10 water decals

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