Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Impress press-on manicure in So, So Stellar

I've never had a manicure of anything done to my nails before - i know! Shocking!
So when i received these in my goody bag from a recent blog meet up i was quite excited to try them for myself!

There are step-by-step instructions indicated on the back with pictures too which i thought was a really good feature as it made for more accurate instructions and you could physically see how they were meant to be applied.

They come in really cute packaging that looks like a bottle! I thought this was a fab and unique selling point and was definitely a winner with me!

The first instruction was to select the right fit for your nails and lay them out in order. This took me around 15 minutes as they all look so similar and i have small hands so it was even more difficult to find the ones that properly fit! But i managed it eventually!

They were surprisingly easy to apply - a lot easier than i expected - and you simply peel the backing off and press them onto your nail. Quick and easy! Although make sure you put them in the right place first time because they're nion-impossible to try and move!
They looked gorgeous on and so shiny - so much better than i imagined. After 30 minutes you can cut and file them if you wish.

The only problem i had is i wasn't patient enough to just and do nothing so i ended up denting one of the thumb nails - sad face.

When removing them you can dab nail polish remover around the base first or just peel them gently from the side and pull them off. This does sting a little without nail polish remover but it was pretty painless. I though they'd be a lot more difficult to remove.

They leave minimal mess and i just simply put a piece of plain A4 paper underneath my hands whilst removing them and this is all the mess i had at the end! Easy to just tip straight into the bin.

Overall i am very impressed by them. They were so much easier to apply than i was expectind and are really good quality - i got loads of compliments and quesions on where i'd had them done! They really do look professional and i think they'd be great for a special occasion. I will definitely be buying them in the future!
Impress press-on manicure are available from Superdrug at between £5.99 - £7.99

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  1. been tempted by these a few times, heard many good things about them!