Monday, 12 August 2013

Bostin Frostin' Cupcake Baking & Giveaway!

So in 2 weeks from now, on August Bank Holiday Weekend, me and my friend Amy will be holding a Cupcake stall at a Vintage event in Wolverhampton.
We spent this weekend trialing flavours and baking techniques and having a fab time!
We were baking for hours and baked & decorated 36 cupcakes for people around us to try and get feedback from as we will be making a Lot more in preperation for the event!

If you're interested then i will list the event details in my next blog post so look out for that!

We tried out 6 different flavours and i'd love to know what you think of them!
As we are going to pick 4 to sell at the event and your feedback would be most appreciated!
Also i will randomly pick a name from the list of comments to win a mystery prize as a thankyou!
PLease leave your email with your comment so i can contact the winner!

Triple Chocolate Nutella
(Chocolate sponge filled with a nutella centre and nutella buttercream and a chocolate heart)

Maple & Pecan
(Maple syrup and almond sponge topped with maple buttercream and topped with a pecan nut)

Vanilla Chai Tea
(Vanilla Chai sponge topped with cinnamon & spice buttercream with cocoa powder sprinkle)

Strawberries & Cream
(Pink Strawberry flavoured sponge topped with pink vanilla buttercream and sprinkles)

Vanilla Love Heart
(Simple Vanilla sponge topped with buttercream and a love heart design)

Lemon & Poppyseed
(Lemon flavoured & Poppyseed sponge topped with lemon buttercream and a decorative flag)
-These can be done with or without lemon curd in the centre-

Thankyou for reading and comments really are appreciated!
Good Luck in the prize draw too!

1 comment :

  1. The four I'd go for would be the nutella, maple and peacan, strawberry and cream and lemon poppy seed.

    The other two sound delicious the only reason I didn't pick those is because chai is nore of an acquired taste and the plain one sounds nice too but not quite as exciting as the others :) (Though of course a more plain one might be what peopoe want but I wouldn't know which other one to take out if you did include that!)

    They all look sooo yummy though, good luck with it!