Saturday, 25 July 2015

Keogh's Shamrock and Sour Cream Crisps!

These crisps were honestly I think, the best I have Ever tasted! The flavour is strong and moreish without being overpowering and the shamrock really does give them that extra Oomph! The Sour Cream flavour is delicious and actually very natural, when eating them you can just imagine the thick sour cream dip you can get! It's a very weird sensation thinking that all that flavour can be combined is one crisp!

The look of them is fantastic - the visible pieces of shamrock make them look tasty and natural and they have a real crisp crunch, that lovely snap you hear when biting into one can clearly be heard. I would highly recommend these to anyone who either loves Sour cream flavours or simply isn't keen on 'normal' crisps such as Walkers, they really are something different in a fantastic way!

They also come in these flavours:
Atlantic Sea Salt & Vinegar / Dubliner Irish Cheese & Onion / Roast Beef & Irish Stout 


  1. I'll have to look out for these in Tesco, as I like to try a different crisp. First time i've ever heard of shamrock in food

  2. There are some interesting flavours here, I can understand why Shamrock is used, very Irish. Will give these a try.