Monday, 9 February 2015

Can't Break Me Down ft. SpyLoveBuy

So, these super amazing boots? I'm in love and I don't think I've felt this way about a pair of boots since I bought my first pair of New Rocks aged 15!
Super comfortable, fit perfectly and the platform makes them feel like flats so no 'tottering' around trying to control my feet and balance! The charcoal colouring and lace-up nature of them gives them a really laid-back feel which is why I thought I'd try teaming them with my usual band tee and skinny jeans - I think I pulled it off.. These boots also give you stature and make me feel like i'm walking on air - one of those pairs of shoes you slip on and you feel invincible.
Also - at the price of only £24.95 I thoroughly recommend investing - even if you've never tried platform boots before.
My tee was also a super bargain. I've been after a new Green Day tee for ages and this one is selling for £18 currently on Amazon UK - I was doing my usual browse of the local charity shops and this popped up in the mens section (Brand New!) for only £2! So sometimes it's well worth a look as they usually just plonk all the band merchandise on the male rails..
As per Topshop jeans are amazing and these feel like a cross between leggings and yoga pants they're that comfortable.

I was super lucky to win the Nubuck boots in a monthly SpyLoveBuy Facebook page rafflecopter at the end of last month - So a giant THANKYOU to SpyLoveBuy for picking me as their winner!


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