Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Bras Galore win and Freya review

Beautiful underwear is a must for all women - they make you feel beautiful no-matter what you are wearing and I think they can really give you a big confidence boost when you need one! New and beautiful looking garments can make a day feel instantly better..

A gigantic thankyou to Rock and Roll Pussycat's blog for picking me as the winner for a Bras Galore gift voucher!

The underwear I picked came packaged discreetly (which I always think is a bonus) and folded in a beautiful printed crepe-paper that made them look like gorgeous gifts! With my £25 voucher I managed to get 2 pairs of beautiful bottoms from the Freya brand and they look even better than on the website!

Freya Fancies Brazilian
The pink is slightly brighter than on the site but are still a deep colour which the white waistband compliments perfectly! They are a fab fit, super comfortable and the lace feels of an amazing quality. They sit slightly below the hips and I think I could wear them underneath anything - leggings, jeans, dresses etc. They make me feel like a princess!

Freya Deco Darling Thong
The design of these is simply stunning. The lace panel is a pale pink which the picture really doesn't do justice! The material has a soft almost-satin feel and this is probably the most comfortable one that I own! The small gem detailing on the front just adds that little extra something and the rose pictured lace detailing makes them look like a small masterpiece. These sit quite high on the hips so i'd probably wear these more under dresses rather than jeans (unless i'm wearing a long top or a high-waisted variety!) But I would still definitely recommend these very highly.

*All opinions are my own and I have not been compensated in any way or been asked to do this review


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