Monday, 17 August 2015

Valor Crocan American Brownie Chocolate review

I discovered this bar of deliciousness when travelling abroad for a day trip to Germany with my parents. The packaging really stood out to me, I love the chocolate explosion and the American stars & stripes - let me say it definitely didn't disappoint!

The bar is in squares like shown on the packaging but larger ones than a normal chocolate bar, i'd say each square was about half a Freddo bar! The chocolate is smooth and has a more earthy flavour than i'd say a Dairy Milk has, it is dense yet light enough to indulge in a few squares! I love that the squares have a crater'like look to them with thick edges that make it look moreish and indulgent!

I love how the bar has a deluxe feel when you open it, the crisp silver foil has the brand name printed onto it..
You can see the brownie chunks in the bar from the picture above. You can really taste them too! 
They taste like actual cake! Not some nasty processed bits, it literally tastes like someone has crumbled a brownie into melted chocolate and then set it into a bar! I will definitely get another bar next time I visit Germany - unfortunately I cannot find it located anywhere online although it has been featured in a previous Degustabox.
For this beauty too, I only paid £1!  The love I have for the exchange yet and the yummy treats our European neighbours provide!

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  1. Ooh sounds yummy - next time maybe you could share with me?