Friday, 21 August 2015

Candy Kittens Gourmet Sweet Box Review

Candy Kittens are a brand that I have been aware of for a while.
I found these on Amazon UK and was super excited! I have seen this brand at various blog events as well as at The Clothes Show last year but unfortunately, I had never had the opportunity to try any of their products! These were on sale for £6 for the gift box containing all 4 varieties so I thought it would be the perfect time to buy and try!

1. Eton Mess
These had a beautifully light, sweet flavour with a delicious aftertaste! They definitely tasted gourmet and had a lovely natural taste perfect for adults to enjoy! The strawberry flavour came through with a sweet creamy taste near the end! These were the boyfriend's favourite too!
2. Peaches and Cream
These were actually delicious! I had heard very mixed reviews but I loved the natural fresh peach flavour! It didn't taste artificial at all and the gummy texture made them moreish! Maybe a lot of people were thinking it may be more of a sweet artificial general 'sweetie taste'..?

3. Apple and Elderflower
These were my Absolute Favourite!! I love natural and organic flavours such as elderflower and these reminded me of an Elderflower drink I used to buy. The flavour is very light and tingly instead of the usual full blast that you'd usually get, yet I enjoyed having to slightly concentrate and indulge more in the flavour. The apple sends a lovely balance of sweetness through it making it the perfect grown-up treat!
4. Sour Watermelon
These are slightly different than the others as they have a coating of sugar on for extra effect! This really does them justice as I feel that the coating gives the flavour more'oomph!'. The watermelon does come through sour but not like you;d imagine, it's more of a sugary kick followed by a flavour of fresh watermelon which makes them super moreish!

Overall I loved all of the flavours and would definitely consider getting them for adult get-together's and office meetings but am unsure that children would like them as much. I really enjoyed trying a gourmet version of something I love and they are a brilliant addition to any shop shelf! Not that I'll stop buying Jelly Tots and Haribo of course!

This Gourmet Sweet Box is available to buy now from Amazon for £10

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  1. These look really good and something new for those with a sweet tooth.