Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Health & Fitness Update - Week 9

So this week has been a continuation and I'm seriously thinking I need to start changing up my meals a bit! I am still enjoying food but I just really do't want my meals to start feeling boring.. I love food and flavours so I think adding in more fruits and vegetables with different textures might definitely help..
We have also added in a larger breakfast of 2 boiled eggs with 2 slices of Wholemeal Seeded Bread and it is honestly delicious!

New Puma workout clothes!

I can say that I am enjoying food so much more now that I am eating more healthily and having one 'treat' a week.. This week our treat was the New York Classic at McDonalds and it was yummy but super filling! Although I did indulge in the large meal with a side of Mozzarella dippers too! I stuck to water for my drink though as I completely cut out fizzy drinks 9 weeks ago, this has made me feel a lot less lethargic and actually less thirsty! Fizzy Drinks I used to find made me thirsty even after i'd drunk them?! How strange is that!

Jillian Michael's is continuing to have a big impact and although I still feel half-dead at the end of the workout I also feel a lot stronger and can now get through the routine without stopping more than once, I just still really struggle with press-up's as apparently my arms have no strength at all!
I admit my stomach does look more toned than ever before and that really feels good knowing that my work is paying off and I can actually See the results.. It's amazing what only 30 minutes a day from home can do!

I am also super proud of the mister as he has worked harder than ever this week:
Drinking 2-3 bottles of water a day (500-750ml)
Pushing himself to the limit when doing the workout
Taking Vitamin B-Complex tablets and drinking more Green Tea
Added in a Larger Breakfast to work off throughout the day
All this has resulted in him losing 3 pounds this week and he is ecstatic about this! Especially since for the last 2 weeks he'd hit a plateau at 13 Stone and he's now dropped to 12 Stone 11.5lb!

For the next week it's just continuing to work hard and trying to reap as many rewards as we can!
Have a fantastic week!

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