Sunday, 24 May 2015

Health & Fitness Update 1 - 8 weeks through

Starting around 8 weeks ago me and the boyfriend went on a health-kick, basically an entire lifestyle change surrounding exercise and food.
Summer is a great motivation and as we have quite a few events coming up in July it gave us a great goal that is within reaching distance without things being achievable.
From when we started, we had 16 weeks:

Our Original Goals:
Eat smaller portions
Add more fruit & veg to our diet
Reduce caffeine intake
Feel generally healthier
Add in exercise
Lose a little weight

So how much has changed in 8 weeks?
Basically the entirety of our old lifestyle! We still eat things we enjoy, just not everyday and I definitely feel healthier than I think I ever have before!

  • We are successfully and easily eating smaller portions but of better foods to keep us going (and make us actually feel full!) until the next meal. We have 1 snack in the day too when doing multiple exercises
  • We have added lots of salad and fruit to our diet and will  shortly be introducing more vegetables in too
  • We have reduced our caffeine intake by cutting out all fizzy drinks and drinking green tea as well as our usual coffee, therefore drinking a maximum of 2 coffees per day
  • I feel generally healthier as I find it easier to get up in a morning and I feel motivated and energised most of the time! It's actually amazing you can feel so positive just by changing the little things!
  • We have been walking atleast 2 miles at a time, 4 days a week - whether that's to the local supermarket or the main town - luckily the weather has been quite kind to us lately. 4 days ago we also started the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and it is definitely making an impact in a good way! I feel stronger in my arms and legs but it still breaks me into quite a big sweat, that feels amazing after you complete the 30 minutes daily
  • The boyfriend has done amazingly weight-wise and has in total lost 1 stone and 8 pounds so far! Both our aims are juts to stay feeling healthier and get a little more toned in the coming weeks

Honestly the Jillian Michaels dvd above really does work! I ploughed through the reviews on Amazon and thought I'd give it a go and I'm so happy I took the plunge. You simply need is a tshirt, joggers, some hand weights and an exercise mat - although I suggest you do wear shoes even doing it in the living room as some exercises can begin to hurt your  feet without proper footwear - the boyfriend treated me to these Puma Running Trainers the other day! I love them so much!!

It's great to read through this and realise how much simple exercise and healthy eating have impacted in such a short space of time!
I will be now putting an update up weekly until our goal date which is July 18th (My big brother's wedding day!)

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