Monday, 6 April 2015

Healthy Eating Update

So for the past week, me & the boyfriend have started a new Super-Healthy eating regime!
It includes smoothies, lots of lean meat and salads and I have to say I am really enjoying it so far!
I feel like I have a lot more energy, my skin looks better and I have been able to try out new recipes too & I love a new kitchen adventure!

I'll be posting some recipes over the next couple of weeks, so if any of you need or want any new & healthy inspiration for the kitchen..
I have always loved eating fruit and vegetables so this eating style isn't too much of a chore for me overall but i'm not saying I haven't wanted to grab Ben & Jerry's or a chocolate bar once or twice!

(It's definitely working.. the boyfriend has lost 4 pounds already!)

Here are some of our favourite meals so far:

Baked Courgette Fritters
Ceaser Salad
Kale & Spinach Smoothie
Lemon Chicken with Fresh Herbs

Keep an eye out for the first recipe coming later this week!
Happy Bank Holiday!


1 comment :

  1. Hooray for fruit and vegetables, health awareness has always been close to my heart. I like the sound of courgette fritters but wondering about the smoothie although the colour is interesting.