Monday, 13 April 2015

Green Smoothie - A Kickstart to your system!

This smoothie is one that I definitely unsure about to begin with, blending leafy items was a new one for me and sounded slightly strange.. It does have a unique texture but I actually quite enjoy it and it really does make me feel healthy, full-up and glowing!
The texture may seem a little strange to start with but it's nothing bad - Promise!
This is excellent for a hot day where you don't feel like eating much as it's packed full of goodness and you'll be getting your 5-a-day all in one!

1 Pink Lady Apple - Peeled and chopped
1 Small stick of Celery - chopped
3 Handfuls of chopped Kale
1 Handful of Baby Spinach leaves
1/5 large Cucumber (about 6 inches) - Diced
300ml Almond Milk

1. Firstly put the handfuls Kale and Baby Spinach into the blender and pour over 200ml of the Almond Milk, then blend for approx. 2 minutes until in a liquid form

2. Add the Apple, Celery, Cucumber and the rest of the Almond Milk and blend for a further 2 minutes to ensure there are no 'leafy-bits' and it is smooth

3. Pour into a glass and Enjoy!

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