Friday, 14 November 2014

Anjolee Jewellery: Diamond's Are A Girl's Best Friend!

So yesterday I turned 22! As per usual I needed the perfect 'Birthday Outfit' to wear on my special day and this year I choose a lovely dress for my meal out with the family. I chose a dress as it's super easy to accessorize with a lovely pair of shoes and what else??
A diamond necklace!
When it comes to a woman's jewellery wardrobe, it can contain many types but every woman wants to own something of the diamond variety! Everyone knows the famous line.. 'Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend!'

The website Anjolee have a beautiful selection of jewellery of all types and they are all drop dead gorgeous! The perfect high-end present for a special lady or to treat yourself can be found here and you definitely wouldn't regret it! The prices are super reasonable and the website is easily laid out with beautiful pieces to help you find your perfect piece!

So here are my favourite picks from the website that I feel would really make an outfit Birthday Ready and to give you some ideas to treat that special one at Christmas time!

Diamond Drop Journey Pendant

Perpetual Romance Journey Necklace

Three Prong Triple Gemstone Pendant

Triple Star 3 Stone Diamond Drop Pendant

Surrounded With Love Diamond Pendant

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