Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Hallmark Hotel Gloucester - Spa Day & Afternoon Tea

Back in April for Mother's Day, I treated my mum with a voucher from Virgin Experience Days for a Spa Day & Afternoon Tea at one of 5 locations.

It was a super easy experience to buy and then we rang the hotel and they just told us to turn up when we liked!
 So on Thursday 16th October, we ventured out and set off for an adventure and headed to the  Hallmark Hotel in Gloucester..

From the outside the hotel looked picturesque and spacious, it was in the middle of the countryside too so placed in a lovely setting - in the Summer I imagine the scenery is beautiful!
When inside we headed straight for the spa and pool area, the staff were really friendly and professional, all dressed up too..

The spa area was spacious and very sophisticated, it has a very lovely feel to it. The changing rooms very also very large and the decor was lovely! I loved the giant clock and the lockers looked fresh and new.

The pool area itself was gorgeous but unfortunately I obviously couldn't take any pictures in there!
They has a steam room and sauna available to use and supplied free cups of water from a machine in the corner. The pool area was a large oval with wooden bridges where you were able to cross over, in the centre was a bubble pool which was filled with hot water, which the main pool surrounded in an orbit. There were also tables, chairs and sun loungers around the edges of the room and two smaller massage pools branching off to the sides.
The hairdryers in the changing rooms were Remington branded and free to use! That was definitely a bonus and the shower room had separate cubicles with doors to respect your privacy, I could definitely say that I could get used to going there on a regular basis!

After we'd spent a good few hours in the pool area, bubble pool and in both the sauna and steam room we were starting to feel a bit peckish! It felt wonderfully relaxing and we were totally at our lesisure!
So we changed clothes and headed to the lovely cafe area for our Afternoon Tea..

It was only a 5 minute wait for our Pot of Tea and large cup of Coffee to arrive at the table followed swiftly by a lovely array of finger sandwiches and mini desserts! The service was friendly, professional and lovely, we thoroughly felt as if we were being treated!

We were surround by delicious finger sandwiches of Smoked Salmon, Cucumber, Egg and Fresh Ham - the Salmon was divine! The cakes included were; Shortbread biscuit rounds, Mini Black Forest Gateaus, Chocolate Brownies and or course Scones with Cream & Jam!

This was all that remained..

Mum: Necklace,  Dress.
Me: Bag, local market. Dress, River Island. Boots, H&M

After eating we felt full in a good way and proceeded to relax and chat on the softer sofas in the corner of the cafe. We has a nosy around the hotel inside and out to explore a little before calling our taxi to whisk us back through the beautiful countryside to the train station. I think we would definitely come again, the main restaurant looks like it would be lovely to have a meal in and we would love to go back next year for an overnight stay! I'd definitely also invite along my sister and sister-in-law as I think they'd love it as much as we did, it was a welcome treat for this time of year.

Thankyou Hallmark Hotels and Virgin Experience Days for a perfect Mother / Daughter day!

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