Sunday, 12 October 2014

20cm Green Earth Frying Pan by Ozeri with Textured Ceramic review

I was over the moon when I was asked to work with Moderna to review this gorgeous frying pan! Not only does the green colouring brighten up my kitchen, it is the best frying pan I think I have ever owned!

The packaging is one of the most attractive I have ever seen and anything that states the word 'Earth' on make me think it's a greener product which is always a winner for me!
The non-stick coating actually works! Which is saying a lot since I have bought a lot of products stating this; when cooking fried onions, mince and especially eggs they haven't stuck at all and have cooked to perfection!

The design of the pan is absolutely stunning, it is something i'm proud to display in my kitchen and I would have no hesitation in buying more products from the Ozeri range! The frying pan is really light, which surprised me as it is so robust and well made.

I opted for the 20cm diameter pan as I have never owned a pan that small and thought it would be great for a bit of a change - the possibilities of using it are endless!
Fried eggs have never been so delicious! No sticking, breaks of the yolk or trouble when turning!
The 'honeycomb' patterned base allow the heat to fully surround the item(s) being cooked and distributes the heat evenly. This allows things to cook perfectly every time with a minimum amount of oil used which also makes for super easy cleaning!

The instructions state to pour in a tiny amount of oil and distribute evenly - to do this I tip around half a teaspoon of oil into the pan and then use a piece of kitchen towel to coat the base and get rid of any excess. There looks like there is hardly any but that's the point of the pan, so the oil doesn't overheat and burn. It also boasts a heat-resistant handle so there will be no nasty accidents from accident prone people like me!
Everything I have cooked so far has come out perfectly and washing the pan requires simply some hot washing up water and a soft cloth wiped around the pan, it is done in around 15 seconds!

I would definitely recommend this pan to anyone looking for a smaller frying pan, i'm looking forward to making pancakes in mine soon! For the price of £19.99 it sounds slightly expensive but I have no doubt that it will last me many years as the quality seems so amazing! The RRP is actually £39.99 so youc an save £20 on Amazon right now! Buy it here.

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