Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas Is Coming - Celebrating views

So this year will be the first Christmas that I haven't spent at my parents so things are going to be a lot different.. Traditions that won't be there and just little things that just seem to make it a little more special. But that isn't going to ruin Christmas for me! Just because things will be different it doesn't mean that it will be any less fun or festive and change can be good sometimes - so who knows what will happen?

Christmas is actually quite strange for me and my boyfriend as a couple for this reason;
He Never celebrated Christmas growing up!
I've got to be honest, when he first told me I thought he was joking!.. turns out he wasn't. For the past 4 years he has been really understanding and probably a little overwhelmed as me and my family all get together and do Christmas quite big - so this year it will just be me and him on Christmas morning and we intend to make our own unique traditions if possible. I think sometimes I struggle to remember that he has never really celebrated it as it has always been such a big part of my year but that doesn't mean that he will never celebrate it or that it can't be different as the years go on, it just means we probably won't hit the festive traditions as hard as others!

Stocking Fillers
Every other year it has been the tradition that my mum does a stocking for me full of little treats and goodies as a surprise when I wake up and I always do one for my mum & dad too as it's just nostalgic and a fun thing to do on Christmas morning where of course this year, that won't be happening. I'm unsure if me and my boyfriend will do stockings but we may decide to as it's only a quick job really and something a little extra - things like sweets/chocolate, little shampoo/conditioner, jewellery that sort of thing - I may even still do one for my mum & dad but i'll have to gift them a few days before and hope my mum can refrain from taking a look!

Tree and Decorations
This is never a fun subject as last time the boyfriend tried to help put the tree up at my parents he managed to cut his hand open! (still unsure as to how..) so this will be my main responsibility but we've decided to choose the colour scheme together and try to make it a bit more fun. We've chosen blue and white and for the first time ever I will be having a White Christmas Tree as we've always had a 'natural looking one' as a family and it will be a modern twist. My mum will be making us a ribbon Christmas wreath for the door and i'm still trying to decide on windowsill decorations - but I guess we'll build up a collection like everyone does after a few years anyway so it will be easier to decide then. I'm definitely hoping to get a snowglobe and also some artificial snow too.

Christmas TV and Movies
We actually went out yesterday and bought 5 dvds for the lead up and i'm really looking forward to watching them! We bought;
Elf, Miracle on 34th Street, Father Christmas, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer and The Grinch!
The boyfriend loves the Grinch film so we'll probably watch that on Christmas Eve along with my own tradition of watching Love Actually before I go to bed! I can't help it, I just love that film!
As for the TV part we'll be watching The Snowman Christmas morning after opening one present each and eating a yummy fruity and sweet pancake breakfast! I think then the plan is to just shove on UK GOLD and let the old comedies roll!

Lastly I get onto the subject of present buying.. this is always usually my doing! I tend t make a list of ideas to buy people, consult the boyfriend on if he agrees and then spend time searching for the best deals - which are usually online. It sure beats being squished n a shopping queue though! My boyfriend reckons that presents should be about the kids really so we should focus on spending more on them and if he had his way I reckon us adults would end up having nothing at all!
But we've always been quite a close knit family in terms of this and I love to surprise everyone with gifts even if it's something small - My mum and sister love presents too so how on earth can I deny them of that??!

We have successfully purchased all the presents now though and haven't spent as much as we thought so that's a bonus which means we can enjoy treating ourselves a little bit with a meal out with our friends.
Overall I think we have a good balance and we do have to compromise but I'm hoping that this Christmas we can have a good time our own way and make it work to be more festive and we can build on it as the years roll on!
Happy Advent Everyone!
Only 15 days to go!


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