Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Clothes Show Live 2013

So i was lucky enough to actually Win 2 tickets for the Clothes Show Live 2013 including ones to the fashion theatre so me and my sister got up early and got stuck in to a day of Fashion, Shopping and Fun!

So we arrived at around 10:30am and headed straight for the Fashion Theatre!
We thought this would be the best option as we were fresh and excited, best time to see the fashion show and actually remember it all!

It was absolutely Fabulous and they had so many amazing outfits and dancers i could've stayed there All day! The lighting and effects were also pretty awesome! The lucky girl in the row in-front of us got the goody bag for 'screaming the loudest' which included an Alcatel One Touch mobile phone!!
We headed over to the Alcatel One Touch phone stand later that day where they were interviewing one of the dance choreographer's and they had 3 'scanning points' that you had to Scan with your smartphone after accessing their Facebook page and you could win instant prizes! I got lucky and managed to win a HD Brows Bronzer worth £19.96!

After that we grabbed a sandwich (that we ate pretty quickly i might add!) then onwards towards the giant shopping market that had been laid out for us to enjoy!
There were quite a good mix of both designer and average-cost brands and of course loads of Sale's and discounted items. Quite a few of the make up stands such as Barry M and Models Own were giving away goodie bags for only £10 which included 12 Items from the range which was pretty amazing value.

My sister bought a dress and a playsuit majorly discounted from the Amy Child's range (she payed only £35 for Both!) and we queued up alter in the day to get our bags signed by her and our picture taken too
I tried one of the dresses on too - it felt amazing but i didn't take too much money with me - big mistake!

Afterwards we each grabbed a Company/Cosmopolitan goodie bag (which was only £2!) it was filled with mini goodies plus an issue of each magazine and a free drink which was very needed!

I bought my sisters christmas presents and also some little treats for myself:
2 dresses at top: Sister's presents
Mine: Freak of Nature Dress
Ciate' Nail Polish Advent Calendar - ONLY £10!!

After this we headed to the Benefit Cosmetics Car which we had our photo taken in and were told to post to their Facebook page and then ask people to vote for us to win a £200 Benefit Cosmetics Goodie Bag! Please vote for us using the link here! (we're the one in the top left corner - sorry it's a bit dark!)

Lastly we headed to the Girl Guides stall that were promoting the things that women can do other than with their looks! They are promoting to younger girls and women that we can do anything we put our minds to, even though we can be judged on our looks a lot! I think it's a fab message to send, they made a row of 'tiles' on the floor using pieces of card that each woman had written on stating the things they can do and everyone was allowed free photos from a photo booth where they encouraged you to put of silly hats and accessories and to just have fun! Which We Did!

We then did a bit more shopping and then we headed off around 4:30pm by which time the trains were manic!
We both had a really fun day and it was great to spend some Sister-Sister time together..
And to do lots of shopping!!


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