Thursday 4 February 2016

Limited Edition Vanilla KitKat!

As soon as I saw this the other day I snapped one straight up!
Vanilla is one of my favourite flavourings so this was definitely right up my street!

The Vanilla flavour comes through slightly light at first - especially when you're having it as an accompaniment to a strong coffee!

It's the typical crunchy, crispy KitKat that I love, with that hint of something extra!
As a 'Stirred' product it is designed to be stirred into coffee or tea but I also quite liked just eating it like a regular bar as a snack.
I would definitely have it again and would love it to become a regular addition to the KitKat family!

I'd definitely recommend anyone to try it!

Bought: One Stop convenience store
Price: 60p (3 for £1.20)

Tuesday 5 January 2016

Not Another 'New Year New Me' post!

I am aware that these posts are very cliched and this was why mine didn't go live straight away. I wanted to wait, ensure the right words and do justice to the fact that this is a brand new year.
Although it's cliched, the beginning of a new year is the perfect time for a new start, new goals and new ideas. Your brain seems to click this and I for one, find myself staring into space thinking about all of the things that may be possible!

I'm 23 now and am starting to realise that I would like a bit more out of life. I adore gaming nights with my friends, cinema trips, Jell-O shots and days that I spend watching Netflix and doing nothing else! But I feel like in my mind that I am 'growing up a bit' (I must admit it's slightly terrifying) but I understand the indicators and this is what makes me want to try harder this year.

I want to make this a year of new things! Trying new foods from restaurants when we eat out, taking a chance and seeing a film I probably wouldn't have usually, visiting a new holiday location, trying anew workout routine..
Finally the slightly more serious goals I guess; finally learning t drive and getting a car will be a big deal for me this year. I feel it will give me a bigger sense of freedom and allow me to do a lot of things not possible now. I also want to find a different, more stable job as I feel it's what I need right now. I want somewhere to call 'my place of work' that isn't home. This isn't necessarily in an area I dream of or something I see myself doing long term but I feel I need some stability work-wise right. now.
This will enable me and the wonderful boyfriend to move out into a rental property in another area which I feel will give us some more space to enjoy being us and also more time to ourselves. I'll be having people round to 'ours', *hopefully* getting a dog and I'm just looking forward to having our very own place to call 'home'.

Also I am aiming to post twice a week for the next month whilst i'm busy tending to all the changes above!
Hope you are all having a fantastic 2016!

Saturday 5 December 2015

Poundland Christmas Treats & Gifts

Poundland are definitely one of my go-to stores for Christmas. They stock decorations, treats, cards, dvds, homewares - you name it! All for a rock bottom price and there are real gems to be found!

I picked these Hessian Sacks up from there a few weeks back (they sold like lightning!) and they are the best quality i've found! Couldn't believe they were only £1!

Mostly I've been searching their website - shipping costs £4 regardless of how much you buy - or FREE if you spend £50 - so that's not too bad it you're planning on doing a big shop. It's also great as you never have to worry about something not being in stock as it changes so frequently in stores.

I've been eyeing up all the fantastic treats and stocking fillers available and i've compiled my favourites into a Pinterest board that you can view below. Mostly sweet treats but some crafting items and homewares too.

I hope this may give you some inspiration!

Sno Balls - Christmas Is Coming!

I have been wanting to try this American treat for so long!!
I came across them in my local Tesco Extra and just had to buy some - I'm a big lover of the Hostess brand and their Twinkies so I couldn't wait to try another product from them!

I definitely wasn't disappointed!
They look like giant coconut mallow balls - they are squishy to the touch!
They aren't what I was expecting inside though -
The inside is actually a soft chocolate cake! It is a little dry but still very light and full of chocolate flavour, it doesn't overpower the taste of the coconut and mallow either which I liked.
Then at the centre of the chocolate cake comes smooth white cream (a bit like that out of the centre of a Cadbury mini roll) which makes it a little less drying.
I really enjoyed trying them and I think I would have them again - I'm hoping to find them a little cheaper though and that B&M may start stocking them like they do Twinkies!

Where to buy: Tesco Extra (instore)
Cost: £2 per pack 

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Ozeri Touch II Total Body Scale Review

These scales have definitely made my health & fitness kick this year a lot easier to measure!
Not only do they look stunning in their beautiful glass material, but the blue glow also lights up a room!


So what's so special about them?

They measure; Body Weight, Fat Percentage, Hydration, Muscle and Bone Mass using Auto Recognition and Infant Tare Technology. This enables you to monitor every aspect of your weight loss easily

They can save up to 8 separate people's profiles to track their weight loss and progress

It has different modes so you can weigh infants, pets and even luggage too! So it's multi-purpose.

It features touch sensitive buttons for easy use - there's nothing I love more than touch-screen being an iPhone user!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these to anyone! As they are multi-purpose they are perfect for any occasion and will really help to motivate you as they track your progress every week by saving your own profile. You will be able to see your weekly progress by the amounts dropping and it is  so motivating it's unreal!

Buy a set here while they're half price:

Sunday 8 November 2015

Lays Stax Bacon and Cheddar Potato Skins flavoured

These are one of the many things I bought in my Amazon treats haul in the last post!
Apologies it's been so long since posting!

These immediately caught my eye due to the unusual flavour and my love of having Potato Skins as a starter when I go out to eat! They taste Awesome!
Unfortunately, they obviously don't taste exactly like potato skins but they have a rougher texture, spices and quite a high starchy taste which has a real likeness to the real thing. Considering they're crisps, they haven't done a bad job at all on the flavouring!

Perfect Description!

I was overly very impressed with this product and would definitely buy them again! I'm really looking forward to trying the American Cheeseburger flavoured ones I picked up too!
I actually think they're better than Pringles!

Where I bought them: Amazon UK
Price: £2.95